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Speaking is more

than making words

Voice is more

than air waves

Personality is more

than the sum of its elements



Every human being has its own power and beauty in voice, speech and body language. It is changing and moving permanently. In the diversity of these facets personality becomes visible like a fingerprint.

All our words, noises, sounds, movements, facial expressions, postures, statements, also silence, breathing, and moreover smells, shapes and colours will be interpreted by others – sometimes correctly, sometimes not.

All these signs combined, we often tell others much more or much less, or different things from what we perceive or from what we intend.

But we do speak the whole time.

So speaking and voice do not only tell simple content but also reveal a message underneath, which is not always as obvious.


Physically, voice is “only” modulated airflow, nevertheless it can touch, move, shut up and hurt, can be an art, a tool or a weapon.

It is partly conscious and targeted and partly subconscious, as a result of the speaker’s basic attitude, physicality, culture and personal history.

All these diverse, exciting facts and expressions form the base of my work.

So training of speech and voice does not only mean an improvement of technique; it will always include the whole human being standing in front of me.

To work on these themes and thereby always to strengthen people’s inner being (instead of helping them to hide behind a smooth mask) is central to my approach.

What is your aim? Do you want to lead or to seduce? Do you want to inform or to entertain? Do you want to be different, to emerge from the crowd, to shine? Do you want to be just like everybody else – in spite of all professionalism? Do you want to read out your texts or to learn how to speak freely without a script? Or do you just want to get rid of the old stage fright?

I am a competent, critical and exacting counterpart – at the same time you can rely on my professional skills in motivating and giving you support. With me, you will get a lot of room to develop. There is also that extra little bit of humour – essential to an intense, yet relaxed collaboration.

The language I know best and teach mostly is German in all its facets: High German, colloquial German, dialects, accents, slang, stage German, movie German, German in advertising, radio German – every occasion requires another sort of German, another sound of voice, another sense of being.


My offer addresses professionals (newscasters and presenters in radio, podcast, video and television, actors, singers, trainers, salesmen, managers, teachers, coaches, preachers, politicians and so on), as well as beginners who want to expand their potential or to improve their German.

Many themes of my training concern a general human disposition. This enables me to teach internationally, in German as well as in English.

In English, my focus is on the sound and on the effect of voice, articulation, breathing and other physical basics, body language –   and also on cultural habits and their differences.


Whatever you plan to do, please send me a note. I look forward to meeting you!

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